Tristan McLindon. Telling stories with video

Tristan McLindon

Tristan’s true passion and talent lies in capturing people’s stories through the lens of a camera. He believes there’san enormous number of untapped stories that show true human spirit and strength. One day, Tristan hopes to find an incredible story and direct his own feature movie.

Starting out in media with the Queensland Parliament while freelancing on the side, Tristan found his inner Spielberg when he moved to America to study acting and directing. Returning to Australia, Tristan completed his Bachelor of Communication and now works as a videographer, actor and drama teacher. And he’s such a famous barista that his face is on billboards! 

As a father of two young children, Tristan was hit hard by the stories of street children in Manilla needing to take drugs to numb their hunger pains. He couldn’t imagine his own children going through this and jumped at the chance to do what he could to help.

‘The best thing about working for OnePlate is the tribe and the mission. We are all there for the same cause and make sure we enjoy ourselves in the process’.

Things you shouldn’t know: If you look in Tristan’s drawer, you’ll find a collection of fake noses. No, he wasn’t a plastic surgeon…but he was clown. And like all clever clowns, he’s got the skill of riding a unicycle down pat.

Tristan’s favourite plate: He can’t resist a beef burger (and recommends Shanklin Café).