We Have Landed, Thanks to Reho Travel

We’re excited and delighted to have landed in Manila, thanks to our OnePlate partner Reho Travel.

The Melbourne-based travel company is one of the first travel management companies in the world to achieve B Corp certification, which means they aim to use the power of business as a force for good. We’re so grateful Reho Travel has chosen to use their considerable influence to partner with OnePlate.

“Giving back has been in our DNA for almost 40 years,” explains Karsten Horne, Reho Travel’s CEO.

“It’s important for us to make a positive contribution to the world we live and do business in. We’ve partnered with OnePlate because we love its focus of empowering people in the developing world to be self-reliant.”

Reho Travel is generously sponsoring several members of the OnePlate team to travel to Manila to visit our projects and check out possible future sustainable farming projects. It’s vitally important for us to have the opportunity to be “on the ground” because it means we are able to meet with local communities and gain a deeper understanding of the sustainable farming process we’re striving to implement.

Karsten believes change takes a collaborative effort, noting that he believes it is part of a business’ role to solve social and environmental problems.

“Change is implemented by sharing experiences to create awareness, great ideas, collaboration, a tribe of driven individuals and lots of tiny steps,’ he says.

We’re so grateful to Karsten and Reho Travel’s commitment to making a difference in the world and their amazing support of our vision to break the cycle of poverty.